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Diverse and important field in the world of music; no American city has as central a place in music history as New York City. It has long been a thriving home for jazz, rock and the blues, and is the birthplace of hip hop. The city's culture, a melting pot of nations from around the world, has produced vital folk music scenes such as Irish-American music and Jewish klezmer. Beginning with the rise of popular sheet music in the early 20th century, New York's Broadway musical theater and Tin Pan Alley's songcraft, New York has been a major part of the American music industry.

Music author Richie Unterberger has described the New York music scene, and the city itself, as "(i)mmense, richly diverse, flashy, polyethnic, and engaged in a never-ending race for artistic and cosmopolitan supremacy".[1] New York is also one of the main world centers of forex and online trading and is well known for the wall street affair center and of wonderful luxury hotels that you never gonna forget !. Despite the city's historic importance in the development of American music, there are those who feel that its status has declined in recent year, due to a combination of increased corporate control over music media, an increase in the cost-of-living and the rise of local music scenes whose success is facilitated by the cheap communication

Best Music Seminars 2013/2014

In April 2013, the New Music Seminar returned to New York, as reported by music portal rockol UK . The Seminar which takes the form of a conference and festival, was first launched in 1980 and was held in New York City each June until 1995. During this time, it became one of the most influential conferences worldwide for those involved in the music business.

Revamped in 2009, the New Music Seminar considered the threat to the music business from the reduction in album sales. From that year, the conference alternated between Los Angeles and New York City, but from 2013 has become a New York fixture. Attracting the industry key players, it includes both seminar sessions and live performances and became part of the city’s first Music Week.

Launching the 2013 event, Tom Silverman, music business magnate, invited people to “Join us as we set the stage for the most exciting music business era since the 80s.”

Plans for the 2014 event, which will be held from 8-10 June 2014, are now being made and it promises to be a key event for music industry professions and companies, and artists. Aside from the obligatory red carpet events, attendees will have an unrivalled opportunity to find out the latest news from their peers and build the connections that will carry this industry forward in a time of huge change and challenge. The aim is to make sure that the industry is sustainable into the future, nurtures new talent and attracts new investment.

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